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Predictions 2050

2023 Belgium splits. Flanders declares independence.

Wallonia and Luxembourg are federated with France.

Brussels becomes a city state, capital of the European Union.

2025: End of the war in Ukraine. Russia retains Crimea and the corridor linking it to Russia, but loses the Donbas.

There is talk of a new Eastern Iron Curtain.

2026 Due to the economic crisis and scandals in the UK crown, a referendum is held on the Morlaquia.

United Kingdom becomes the United Republic britain.

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2023 Bélgica se divide. Flandes se declara independiente. La Wallonia y Luxemburgo se federan con Francia. Bruselas se convierte en una ciudad estado, capital de la Unión Europea.

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Madrid DF June 10 2060

My name is MM. Our Internet teacher has asked us to write an essay about Brain Computing, but without being able to use it. It is complicated. All the boys and girls in the class don't write by hand anymore after KinderGarten.

I had nothing to write on paper. Dad told me about something called a biro, and we went together to an antique shop to buy one exclusively for writing this essay.

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Hello Motto:

This is the way we young people express ourselves. My name is Xam. I am 15 years old. Today is Internet Day, and it is also my birthday. I am delighted. I got a lot of presents. Goo3 glasses with

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How could God create an imperfect world if God is good and perfect?


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Ana Maria de las Mercedes Gutierrez Sagun es colombiana. Vino a España después de su divorcio en Medellín. Descubrió a su marido con la cuidadora y no lo pudo soportar. Lleva  3 años y unos meses en Madrid y trabaja como interna con un abuelito. No sale mucho de casa, solo a hacer las compras y en su día libre, siempre los sábados sale a pasear.

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Dit is het verhaal van een echtpaar

Vlaanderen en Brabant

en een zoon kregen: Brussel