The old butcher

Por admin, 9 Agosto, 2022
The old butcher

∞ You are old and bent. You lean on a cane and go every day to the forest to collect wood for the fire. Don't you think it's time to stop working and have a pension
∞ You look like a baby boomer, worrying about your retirement
∞ I'm still young, I can work. But you are NOT. You are old, very old. You'll be over 70 at least
∞ Ha, ha, ha, ha- I find you boomers so funny. You still believe the promises of retirement. You will live worse than your parents, but better than your children
∞ I don't agree. In our society we have rights. At 67 we don't work anymore and we can live on a well-deserved pension
∞ Do animals have a pension? When they get old, do you bring food to their lair? 
∞ We are not animals. We are civilised human beings
∞ In 7000 years of history, there have only been pensions for a century. And only in the richest part of the world
∞ Yes, but now we have acquired rights
∞ Acquired rights are like a house of cards. Remember one thing, it's the family that can guarantee your pension, not the state,∞ I'll tell you in 10 years
∞ I'll wait for you here. I'm a statue
∞ I'm not going to move.

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