The other genesis tale

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How could God create an imperfect world if God is good and perfect?


What I am about to tell you is not new. The Greek Gnostic converts to Christianity in the 1st and 2nd century AD tried to answer a straightforward question. How could God create an imperfect world if God is good and perfect?

The solution was an exercise in logic. God, One and perfect, created a demiurge (or several). Demiurges are a product of God, brilliant beings with great technology that created humankind. Their name is Annunaki's Thus begins an alternative history based on the first chapters of the Hebrew Genesis and some Sumerian tablets, such as the Enuma Elish.

We have to know that there is not only one extraterrestrial civilisation that can travel through space; there are several: The Reptilians a warrior race, 4 meters tall and have psychic powers. The grey ones, thin, with large heads and almond-shaped eyes. They were the ones found in Roswell. But the ones we are interested in are the Annunakis. They come from Nibiru. They are tall and look like men, but they are very different.

The first Anunnaki expedition that arrived on earth, according to the Sumerian tablets, was composed of 50 Anunnaki led by Enki, sent to earth by the ruler of Niburu, AN. The idea of this journey was none other than to establish a spaceport in Africa, to build a giant refinery to extract gold and minerals. The first gold mining expedition failed, Enki returned to Nibiru. It was another Annunaki, Enlil, who had orders to try again. As the mining continued, the Annunaki workers would begin to organise to protest the poor and unhealthy working conditions. "We are astronauts, not slave miners," they would complain again and again. It was the first strike in history before humanity itself existed.

When Enlil came to the mines on a routine inspection, a revolt broke out. The Anunnaki miners staged a revolution, destroyed their tools and headed for Enlil's house with evil intentions.

Enlil had to contact his father AN to inform him that the supply of gold had been interrupted, the mines were closed, and the Anunnaki on earth were refusing to obey orders.

The supreme ruler of the Annunaki's, AN, accepted the rebels' demands by suspending the mining activity and repatriating them.

It was there where Enki had the idea, "we will create a man where the Anunnaki gene can be inserted", he had thought of the homo erectus, a primitive inhabitant that was ideal as a hybrid to be able to cross genes from both species.

The plan was accepted, and Enki set out for earth with two collaborators. Emesh and Enten, who were in charge of vegetation, forests and fields, and the other of crops and agriculture and animals and livestock. It was a serious experiment with great resources and a programme of genetic reprogramming of flora and fauna.

They landed in Africa, in the Great Rift Valley, although it wasn't yet the tremendous geological fracture of today.

The first thing they did was to build Paradise. A giant dome or dome isolated from the outside. The energy source was geothermal. Large pipes were sunk into the earth and accessed boiling water. Then Emesh planted the genetically modified plant species. (Genesis 1-16)

The project works well. Enten took care of the animals. The first experiments were in a pond with amphibians and fish. Then he created the reptiles and mammals (Genesis 1-24).

Now it was Enki's turn, with the most exciting project. The miracle to give intelligence to homo erectus. Annunaki DNA had to be inserted into an Australopithecus foetus.

The first being he created was a female called Lilith.

According to Sumerian mythology, the goddess Ki (an Anunnaki assistant) took a bone from Enki and created Nin-ti, the 'woman of the bone'. Nin-ti is Lilith. Her name was lost in the Hebrew bible but is still preserved in other ancient religions as the goddess Astarte or Mithra. Genetically speaking, it is always easier to start with the complex and go from there to the simple. A female is XX, and a male is XY. It is easier to remove generic material than to add to it. That is why the first woman in the world was Lilith. Enki was a perfectionist and wanted to repeat the process again, so he creates Eve from his DNA, the second woman in history.

Obviously, the experiment would not be complete without a male. And from Eve's rib, he extracted stem cells to create Adam.

That's why verse 27 of Genesis reads. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God, he created him; male and female, he created them.

The dome or Paradise was totally isolated from the outside environment. Terrestrial bacteria and viruses could destroy the whole project. The isolation was total, and they had created an internal irrigation system, with steam extracted from underground. That is why Genesis 2-6 says: a vapour rose up from the earth and watered the whole face of the earth.

We have to dwell for a moment on the ethics of the Annunaki's and especially of Enki. For the demiurges, the inhabitants of the earth are like cattle. Think of how humans treat cattle. They are there to serve us. We give them good living conditions (sometimes) and exploit them for our interests. The Annunaki's thought like that, but not Enki. He was in love with the project. For him, Adam, Eve and Lilith were his favourite pets, and he wanted to make them talk.

Language is what creates consciousness. Enki was dedicated to hypnotic induction by implanting chips to associate sounds with images. It was not an easy task, the day of the final exam came. Enki made to name all beings, animals and plants and Adam, eve and Lilith did it. That is why in genesis 2:19 it is written

And the LORD God formed out of the ground every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air, and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them, and whatsoever Adam called the living creatures, that is their name.

News of the success of the project reached the planet Niburu. It had been demonstrated that it was possible to give intelligence and speech to earth monkeys. This new species could understand orders and carry them out. Let us not be surprised at this vision of the demiurges. How do we humans treat horses and oxen? They are beasts of burden, born to work. But the new humans were better. They had two hands with ten fingers and could do delicate resource extraction tasks.

The project moved to phase 2. Offerings. Gradually, through holograms, humans were trained to make offerings to the Annunaki's. At first, it was simple, bringing fruits and some small animals to an altar. The altar had a system that simulated fire and the products fell into a trap and were stored out of sight of the hominids.

From food they moved on to minerals. They soon learned to recognise gold and precious minerals. All the movements of the hominids were studied and recorded. Patterns of behaviour and acceptance of the law were made. Humans had to make offerings to the annunakis. Another rule was also imposed, never to leave the dome of Paradise.

Then the unforeseeable happened. This proves that the Annunaki's are not God. They are not perfect and cannot predict the future.

Adam and Eve became close friends and displaced Lilith. This one stopped making offerings and went around the dome until he reached the limits. In the west, right where the sun lay, there was a large red fruit tree that looked like none of the ones inside Paradise. Lilith wanted to flee but did not know-how.

The dome was hermetically sealed but communicated with the outside with tiny robots. There was a hatch where vehicles entered, were sterilised and then exited through another hatch.

One day Lilith discovered that a snake entered the airlock and a robot vehicle, and then she saw the same snake come out of the dome. She quickly realised an exit from the dome to the outside world and to that tree with beautiful red fruits.

Lilith told Eve about her discovery and proposed to escape from Paradise and eat those tasty unknown fruits. But Eve was arrogant and contemptuous. She told Lilith that she was OK with Adam and that she was in the way of this relationship. Better she should leave for good and leave Paradise to the two of them alone. Besides, God was angry with her because she was no longer making offerings.

Lilith took it very badly and said to Eve: Tonight, I will eat the tastiest fruit that you will never be able to eat in your life.

That same night she waited for a robot vehicle to approach the gate. He almost choked on the antibacterial and antiviral liquids, but he managed to get out and went to the red fruit tree where the sunsets. After eating them and sleeping, she headed off to explore this new unknown world.

Lilith's escape went unnoticed for a few days by the Annunaki's. They were more interested in those who made offerings: Adam and Eve.

But Eve was not satisfied. She had it all: Paradise for herself and her man Adam. The competition had fled. But she kept remembering the tastiest fruit in the world. She was missing that. Slowly she convinced Adam to take a walk near the edge of the dome. He showed him the red fruits and also the escape hatch.

Adam did not want to disobey the Annunaki's, he was happy in Paradise. But Eve kept insisting.

One day she let herself be persuaded, and they went to the gate, just as a robot vehicle was leaving the dome. But Adam was suspicious and didn't want to be locked in a mousetrap. He brought with him a large log that blocked the hatch, leaving a gap to return through—this great idea of Adam's unleashed tragedy.

Adam and Eve came to the great tree, ate its fruit, and fell asleep.

The gates blocked by Adam's trunk caused germs and viruses to enter the dome. All the bio-alarms went off. Adam and Eve saw big lights and heard the terrifying alarms. They were afraid and fled down a valley. They tried to return but saw patrols with torches looking for them and became even more frightened.

That is why in Genesis 3:24 it is written that the demiurge Placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubim, and a flaming sword that turned every way, to guard the way of the tree of life.

The flight of Adam and Eve was catastrophic to Paradise. The open floodgate polluted the entire dome. Thousands of plants and animals died. Only a few species survived such as cows, goats, pigs.

The humiliation of Enki was absolute. Imagine that you have spent years of your life breeding and train a purebred dog. And then he runs away and can't be found. Years of work wasted. Enki never thought of implanting a geolocator in his hominids. He never imagined that they could escape and contaminate his laboratory.

In a fit of rage and pride, as head of the expedition, he decided to destroy the laboratory and leave for another place far away. He was thinking of Peru, rich in minerals. Emesh and Enten opposed the idea. Remember that the former was investigating vegetation, forests and fields. The latter was studying animals and livestock. Not all was lost; some species survived in the terrestrial environment. The project could continue.

But Enki did not want to be reminded of his defeat and was ordered to open the geothermal pipes. In a few days, Paradise would explode like a volcano. At the requests of Emesh and Enten, he allowed the animals to leave the dome and seeds to be scattered around.

After 6 days the dome exploded as a massive volcano, creating the rif valley, a tremendous geological fracture whose total length is 4830 kilometres in a north-south direction.

Adam and Eve saw the destruction of Paradise and fled north. By chance, they met Lilith, and the three of them formed the first tribe of homo sapiens.

The tribe of Adam had a history of nine hundred and thirty years. From the Rif valley they came to Ethiopia, and in the high mountains they settled.

Like other animals, when the herd becomes too large, it separates. This happened with the descendants of Lilith and Eve. They were called the tribe of Abel and the tribe of Cain. Their descendants settled in the Sahara, which in those days was an orchard, something like the Paradise where they were created.


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