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My name is Jaime, but everybody knows me as Jimy, the handsome. Because I am incredibly gorgeous, and I've known it since I was a little kid. My parents divorced when I was 18; I didn't care. They never understood me. Then I lived with my mother.

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René Magritte is one of the best Belgian painters, closely related to the 16th century surrealism of Brueghel and El Bosco. If there is something that characterizes Magritte it is the surrealistic world that he shows in his paintings. Oneiric images that come from the depths of the unconscious. But where do these images come from? The unconscious recreates and transforms them, but they come from the real world.

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The odyssey of the Celtiberians in South America

It all began in Carthage during the Third Punic War. The Romans had arrived at its walls, determined to destroy the city. They laid siege to it for three long years. According to legend, it was so hard that women cut their hair to make ropes and weapons of war; the Carthaginian inhabitants and their Hispanic allies fought day and night to defend their city. The siege lasted from 149 BC until the spring of 146 BC when Publius Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus took the town in a storm. 

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Estamos en el año 2050. Mucho ha cambiado en la vieja Península Ibérica. España ha desaparecido como país soberano reemplazado por la nueva Federación Ibérica que incluye las nacionalidades de Portugal, Galicia, Euskadi-navarra, Països Catalans y Castilla. El nuevo imperio renacido de Felipe II como los más conservadores han proclamado. La realidad fue bastante más  prosaica. El debacle ocurrió en el 2020 cuando Catalunya proclamo su independencia.