A personal introduction

botanic garden

Every day I walk through the botanical garden to go to work. It takes me about 10 minutes to cross it. And so every day from Monday to Friday from January to December. A whole year in which a lot of things have happened to me, good and bad.

I have walked through this park immersed in my thoughts, in good and bad weather, with the statues being witnesses of my journeys. OF THE BRUSSELS BOTANICAL GARDEN OF THE BRUSSELS BOTANICAL GARDEN

That is why I have decided to write down my conversations with these strange, mute but very expressive beings. I will tell them my problems and thoughts and wait for them to answer me.

It doesn't matter if it is I myself who put the words in their mouths, for it is possible that our deepest and most secret thoughts are not really our own, but come from the collective unconscious of humanity.

I therefore propose to the readers to accompany me on my walks and conversations, for these strange metal beings have much to tell us, for they have seen much in their more than one hundred years of life.