The vulture

Por admin, 8 Agosto, 2022

∞ Hello, vulture. It sounds a bit strange, but I'd like to tell you about my problems, you're the first statue I come across every morning
∞ Don't bother me, I'm eating
∞ I see. I just wanted to tell you that yesterday they told me that they're not renewing my contract, I've only got a couple of months left in this city.
∞ And what do I care, I'm not going to share my food with you.
∞ Thanks, I wasn't asking you to share your carrion with me.
∞ Get out of here, get a life outside, you're not welcome here.
∞ Okay, I'm leaving, I was expecting a bit more understanding.
∞ What nonsense you're talking about, nobody takes pity on anybody, you're just one of the bunch. Get out of here and find your food or die, it's your problem...
∞ Fine, I'm leaving, I won't bother you anymore. Thanks for your advice.

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