The tortoise in Brussels' Parc Leopold

Por admin, 19 Agosto, 2022

15 August 2032.
The dark case of the disappearances in Parc Leopold has finally been cleared up. It all started in March 2032. The world has strongly changed since the pandemic of 2020, the Ukrainian war and World War III ended in 2030. After the signing of the Taiwan agreements in 2031, Eurasian peace reigns and only Africa and South America are fought. The business of war.
But back to the strange case of the giant tortoise in Parc Leopold, it all started because of a missing nuclear pile. We all remember the great energy crisis of 2025 and the boom of mini nuclear power plants. Every city in Europe was competing to have one as it supplied all the energy of an entire city. Something happened at the Brussels power plant. A breakdown that lasted a whole week.
I think it was the tortoise, but I can't prove it. It had to get very close to the radioactive source to mutate in this way.
A few weeks later the swans and ducks began to disappear from the pond. There were fewer and fewer birds. The press accused the park bums of eating them, but there was no proof either. Then the Vagabonds began to disappear. One of them raised the alarm. He described some kind of monster coming out of the lake. And there were footprints and a fallen tree, knocked down by something heavy.
After that, nothing more was known in the area of the European Parliament. But in the Charleroi canal. It seems that the tortoise found a way through the sewers and came out into the canal. Attacks were reported in Vilvoorde against small boats and a chicken farm. It was then that the press became interested and the famous photos appeared in the press with shocking headlines.
Giant turtle attacks farm in Flanders
Water monster smashes boat in Charleroi canal
The army intervened and with infrared cameras discovered the first turtle. It was destroyed by an aquatic drone. The case of the second one was much more violent. It entered a concert near Leuven at night. The chaos was enormous, several people died while fleeing, crushed by the crowd. The poor turtle only ate three people until it was destroyed by an anti-tank missile.
But we are not safe, more and more cases of animal attacks on humans are being reported. Asian wasps in Luxembourg, wild killer whales that break pleasure boats and eat bathers. But Australia has it worse, they suffered the worst of the Asian-American war and now they have the entire barrier reef colonized by poisonous jellyfish. Swimming there is a death sentence.
Today I walked around the pond in Leopold Park. There are no birds, no strays.
In the water, I saw something big moving. I know the turtles are there. Growing up to attack us again near the water. We live in the time of the apocalypse. Man has rebelled against nature and now nature wants to destroy man.

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