The Eagle

Por admin, 9 Agosto, 2022

∞ Hello Eagle
∞ What do you want human
∞ Nothing, just to ask for advice, your companion the vulture is not very nice
∞ No wonder, he is always in competition with his fellow eagles for a piece of rotten meat
∞ But I wasn't asking him for anything, I just wanted his opinion
∞ About what? 
∞ They won't renew my contract, in a couple of months I'll be out of work and I don't know what to do
∞ I was looking for a fawn, but I found a rabbit that's what I'm going to eat
∞ I don't understand you
∞ Sometimes you have to adapt to whatever there is, if they're going to throw you out of work you'll find another one, or you'll starve to death. And when your stomach hurts from not eating, you'll sharpen your eyes to find any prey to feed on, whether it's a deer, a rabbit or a mouse.

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