European family stories

Por admin, 29 Agosto, 2022

This is the story of a couple
Flanders and Brabant
and had a son
and then two others, Holland and Wallonie.
Flanders and Brabant constantly quarrelled
and wanted to get divorced. And Brussels looked at his brother Wallonie, and they went to their uncles Austria and Hispania.
Austria is old from fighting with Turkey so much
and left the house to the command of Hispania.
There were a lot of problems with the religion issue.
Germania didn't want the old grandfather Rome.
And in the whole neighbourhood, Europe fought over the idea of God.
Holland wanted to be free and to travel abroad as Portugal did.
Hispania and her sister Portugal travelled around the world.
And brought back a lot of new things to sell in Europe.
England and France were envious and wanted their share of the cake.
Hispania was tired of so much disorder.
Everyone had to obey the great-grandfather Rome, and that was it.
After so much mess in Brussels, Flanders and the Netherlands
the guardian Hispania said it was over; everything had to stay at home
and obey the true faith, the faith of the old gran father Rome
They all fought against uncle Hispania.
France, Holland, Prussia.
In the end, Hispania changed his name
from family Austria to become family Borbon de France
but nothing was settled
Holland left home, for allways.
Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia remained in Belgium.
Hispania was pensioned off, and only the Austrian family remained
in command of Belgium.
Austria was always fighting with the rebellious son Holland.
Then came the grandfather France who wanted to keep everything.
Brussels, Flanders and Holland.
And then France get rid of the Borbons an become a republic.
With a mission, spread the republicans ideas in Europe and the World
But the other Grandfathers, England, Prussia, Austria and Russia, came and beat France.
Brother Holland took Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, and everything was settled.
An eternal peace that did not last.
But the rebellious grandfather France was not resigned to losing.
And he made friends with other kids from the neighbourhood, Poland, Croatia and Greece.
All teenagers who wanted the independence from their parents and uncles
Brussels was a teenager also and wanted to become independent and live free and happy with Flanders and Wallonia.
But the old uncles England, Prussia got angry.
France supported Brussels because it wanted the Walloonie for itself. And Wallonia also wanted to leave home and live with Flanders.
England helped Brussels because they didn't want the Netherlands to be too strong.
And Prussia wanted above all to keep her son Alasace and Lorraine.
And it got it.
But France was furious and wanted all her children back.
Alsace, Lorraine, Wallonia and Brussels.
And Brussels left home, with Flanders and Wallonia and Luxembourg, and other cousin, Limburg.
Thats happend in 1830
England was furious and with the help of France and Prussia, put the rules of the new home
Limburg back to Holland. Luxembourg under the tutelage of the Netherlands and Prussia.
Flanders Brussels and Wallonia in a shared student flat
but under the command of Brussels and uncle France.
The grand mother victoria look all over the Europa house
But everything got complicated
because uncle Prussia wanted them to go home and separate from grandmother England.
The rest of the story is about the 20th century


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