Por admin, 13 Septiembre, 2022

Hello Motto:

This is the way we young people express ourselves. My name is Xam. I am 15 years old. Today is Internet Day, and it is also my birthday. I am delighted. I got a lot of presents. Goo3 glasses with

supra Wi-Fi connection and 7k video. A computer with a Tera of ram, but that's what my father owed me for my good grades. I deserved it, and it's not a birthday present. My mother, who lives in Australia, sent me a 3d video message and promised me a special gift when I returned.

I am very excited. We have an appointment at the Control Centre to record the IP. It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and it's something that everyone says is very important. I am going to have my identity recorded. It is the second most important day of my life after my birth. That's what everybody says... The best day of my life was when I was with Conchita last summer. But having my IP is also Mega great. At least I don't have to lie on websites anymore with 15 years on the internet.

I don't understand it very well because they told me that when I was born, I already had an address assigned to me: my identification number, access point, and internet point. I could use it, but it was sort of block. Now that I'm 15 years old, I'm going to go with my father to the Control Centre, and they'll engrave it on my forehead with a colourless laser. You won't see anything, although I've seen pictures on the internet of people with a lot of sun on their faces and if you can see some lines on their foreheads... Who cares? I'll wear a cap.

As soon as I have my IP, all the devices in the world will read me, the detectors in the shops, the banks, the ministries. And I will be able to enter all these places without being accompanied by my father.

I'm going to be older; it's Teraguay. I'm going to be able to go into Game Center 4up and meet people all over the world. I'm going to spend my entire paycheck on the new immersive video game Z Nation need you! and become the Mega zombie and destroy humanity. First Madrid and then Paris and London. My friends have told me that it's incredible that you can walk into all the monuments full of tourists and eat them all. Some posts say they have seen their neighbours sightseeing. I don't know how they do it. They play live what the cameras capture live (there are cameras everywhere now) and then integrate it into the game; I want to be a top youtube and have millions of views on my saved games.

Before I go to the ip implant, I have to finish my homework for school. I have


 I have asked for a 5d model of the human auditory system. I also have to make a video about the religious wars of 2020, and I have to include three audio files of three religious leaders of the moment. A pain, but I can pay a Latino to do it. It was only three eurodollars, less than the price of a cheap video game in the wstore. You send a message on the Studentcheat.com website and have it in a couple of hours. These guys never seem to sleep.

My teachers tell me that when I come of age on the internet, I have to decide my future. I want to finish my secondary studies in programming. According to what everyone tells me, except my father Xavi who is a retro, when I am 18 years old, I will be able to implant a sim and have unlimited digital credit. It is not unlimited, they give you 1000 eurodollars, and then you have to consume advertising to be able to download applications. You sign a contract of permanence for five years. The problem is the sim tattoo...

I don't know; digital tattoos don't really appeal. And you must carry it for five years and be geo-localised all the time. And then, if I want to change companies, I have to pay for removing the tattoo and the operation to remove the sim. I prefer the cheap companies that give you a sticker without an implant. And you change it every three months.

After 18... At 20, I would want to work in Mostoles Valley. I know a couple of people who work there, and they say it's excellent. It has airborne chairs and a total immersive reality. Plus, when you join one of these companies, they give you a house in the Big Brother complex where you get everything for free. It's like being on holiday next to your job. I don't understand how my father doesn't want to work there... Because they have proposed it to him.

He says he doesn't like his owners. Who cares, Dad, as long as they pay and you live well? Plus, you have unlimited access to apps. I know you've met Cyanogen. He's the director of the Macro complex they created last year at EuroMotto. I know it's just a machine; it doesn't matter. Devices already run all companies; we all know that. After the religious wars, it was the network that took over. God is in the net; that's why he runs our devices. Besides, my obligation as a citizen is to engrave my IP on my forehead, and you have to take me there.

And I have to be within 20 minutes at the control centre to finally get an IP and be able to connect to the network. I'm tired of you being so anti-technology. Besides, I always have to ask for my mum's IP in Australia because you have insisted on not having an IP and not being connected. Even for school homework, I need the internet... I don't know how they let you not have a recorded IP. You are an anti-system looser. They always throw you out of jobs because nobody pays in black like before. The truth is that I don't know how you can still do teleworking with your independent blogs and pirate connections; I'm not interested in your conspiratorial madness.


Dad, are you taking me to get my IP recorded or what?

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