2060 winternet or internet 6.0

Por admin, 14 Septiembre, 2022

Madrid DF June 10 2060

My name is MM. Our Internet teacher has asked us to write an essay about Brain Computing, but without being able to use it. It is complicated. All the boys and girls in the class don't write by hand anymore after KinderGarten.

I had nothing to write on paper. Dad told me about something called a biro, and we went together to an antique shop to buy one exclusively for writing this essay.

Dad is very fond of old things, I am not so much. He says it reminds him of when he was young. The antique shop was tiny but full of things.

 Antique, I can't think of another word for it. We saw a prehistoric computer with a huge, super-fat screen and . a keyboard. Dad wanted to buy it for his junk collection but gave up because it was too expensive. I don't understand how he can like old things that are no longer of any use.

In the shop, he showed me a lot of things that used to exist, like a CD player. Papa told me that people used to listen to music with this device and that there were shops where they sold thousands and millions of these CDs. It made me laugh because now we only need to connect to the BC, and we have all the music we want for free. After buying the bic pen, we came home, and I started to write this essay. At first I was angry. I had a hard time writing . We don't do it anymore, we do our school work with the BC and the Adobe magic software for schools.

But little by little I got used to writing by hand. Of course, I still remember when I was a little girl in Kindergarten, and I wrote the letters and words in the book. I don't know how to start this essay. The BC is what we all call the Brain Computer. Dad tells me that when he was young, it didn't exist and that they used computers with a screen, a keyboard and a device that I find very funny because he called it a mouse.

At first, I thought it was a real mouse like they sell in replica shops. But then Dad showed me a video of one, and I understood. It had two buttons like little ears and a long cable that looked like a tail.

The BC was invented 20 years ago. Precisely on June 10, 2040. I think that's why the teacher asked us to write the essay. The BC is a thin helmet that we put on our heads and works thanks to something called induced synaptic connections that I don't know very well what it is.

What I can tell you is how I use it in BC. When we get to class, we all put the VC in our heads and think of our password to connect. The teacher told me I had to explain this because the passwords used to be different. I've been reading some super old books at home (encyclopedia or something like that) and I discovered that in the old days, passwords were just letters or numbers and that they were written with a tablet full of keys called a keyboard.

Now everything is much simpler. When I connect to the BC I think of a series of images, sounds, aromas and flavours and...


I'm already connected to Wint. As the grown-ups say, it's the safest way because nobody feels smells, tastes, or images. In the same way, it's true because when my BC breaks down and I have to use one from school, the teacher must first think of the password and then pass it on to me.

But the spare BCs in the classroom are ugly, and I prefer mine, which I have decorated as I like it. We use the BC for everything, and I can't imagine how kids used to be able to study without it. Well, it would be like in Kindergarten, all with notebooks, pens and many books. Dad tells me a lot of things about how life used to be. When he was little, he used video game consoles.

There were small ones to take with you and others that were plugged into the TV, by the way, TVs used to be small and not like now that take up the whole wall. In my room, I have a T-wall on which I put photos, and landscapes and sometimes I connect to the interactive channel for children.

But I prefer the BC, as do my friends. The bad thing is that BC's are pretty expensive. The one I have now was bought for me by my mum and dad for my 8th birthday. It's sky blue with gold and silver stars, which I liked the most. It has an infrared camera, micro card slot and orbital GPS. As mum always says, it's better to buy good than to buy twice buyingwrong. I don't know all the features of the BC, but I will have one.

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