Predictions 2050

Por admin, 23 Septiembre, 2022

Predictions 2050

2023 Belgium splits. Flanders declares independence.

Wallonia and Luxembourg are federated with France.

Brussels becomes a city state, capital of the European Union.

2025: End of the war in Ukraine. Russia retains Crimea and the corridor linking it to Russia, but loses the Donbas.

There is talk of a new Eastern Iron Curtain.

2026 Due to the economic crisis and scandals in the UK crown, a referendum is held on the Morlaquia.

United Kingdom becomes the United Republic britain.

2027 Serbia declares war on Bosnia.

The latter country disappears, annexed by Serbia and Croatia.

2028. Referendum on the continuation of the United Kingdom.

To everyone's surprise Scotland, Wales and Cornwall declare independence.

Northern Ireland unites with the South.

2029: Crisis in the European Union.

Loss of powers to the new right-wing nation states.

2030 Second Ukrainian war, the New Soviet Union re-annexes the Dombas.

Georgia and Armenia join the New Soviet Union in the face of the rise of Islamism.

2033 Monarchy falls in Spain.

The country is divided into 5 new nations.

Castile is the local power in the region.

2035 Italy splits into two federated parts, authorities try to solve serious economic problems.

German Switzerland joins Austria.

Austria forms union with Greater Germany.

2036 The Czech Republic accepts German government to save its economy.

Croatia and Slovenia form an Adriatic union to oppose Serbia.

2039: Flanders joins the Netherlands.

2041.Serbia annexes northern Macedonia.

The Second Balkan War begins.

2042 Scotland, Denmark and Norway create the Northern Union.

Iceland refuses to join. 2046 2045: The New Soviet Union attacks the Baltic Union.

The US takes an isolationist stance.

Europe cannot assert itself and the Poles help Russia to save their country.

2050 Serious unrest in the Iberian Peninsula countries due to the crisis.

An Iberian integration movement is formed and on 20N the Iberian Federal Union is created, which includes the whole peninsula.

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