The Parrot

Por admin, 9 Agosto, 2022

∞ To speak, to say, to repeat
∞ What counts Mr. Parrot
∞ To say, to repeat, to ask, to tell, to speak
∞ I don't understand you parrot
∞ You say you don't understand, to repeat to understand, to speak without saying what's been said. I tell you what's been told for the sake of telling
∞ You talk a lot parrot and say nothing, you sound like my boss PinPon. We call him that because he bounces off tasks and in the end does nothing. It's the others who do their job
∞ Wise PinPon. You don't need to know to pretend to work. You don't need to work to earn a lot of money. Just talk
∞ That's bullshit, that's not how the world works
∞ You depress me, I'll never get ahead in a world like yours
∞ Not my world, our world. Empty words are worth more than full facts.

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