Climate warfare

Por admin, 3 Marzo, 2023

World War III started at the end of 2019. CIA sources have shown that the virus escaped from a biological laboratory in Wuhan. It is unclear whether it was an inside job by China or outside powers like the US or Russia did it. Perhaps it was just a mistake. A worker breached security measures because he forgot a gift for his girlfriend. Prosaic things like this change the fate of history.

The second phase of the war should have started on 14 February. The US denounced the facts and thus began the invasion of Ukraine on 20 February. The campaign was supposed to last a few weeks but lasted for years.

The third phase of the war will begin in 2025 with the invasion of Taiwan. The conflict will spread across the Pacific, and world trade will be disrupted for the duration of the Pacific War.

The conclusion will be a new cold war between two blocs: Eurasia and the West.

All this is nothing new. Churchill predicted it before the end of the Second World War. The West should join Germany in pushing Russia far into the steppes of Central Asia.

We will talk about the new weapons of the third world war. First, let us reassure readers. This war will not be nuclear.

In the course of history, people learn. Gas was used in the First World War but was not used again in the Second World War.

World War II ended with the nuclear bomb, and it will not be used again in the third world.

But there is always room for deadly new inventions. The biological warfare we have all experienced. Hypersonic missiles that hit targets in minutes, torpedoes capable of creating tidal waves and climate warfare.

Let's talk about this. We have all seen changes in the weather and freezing winters when energy is more expensive than ever. The Chinese are very advanced in controlling the atmosphere. They can make it rain in the desert and prevent rain on military parades. They have passed this information on to the Russians for use in warfare. Underground explosions can cause earthquakes. All kinds of natural disasters can be manufactured.

Many climatic catastrophes will occur in the West as part of the war effort. We are in for a very long winter.

However, we must be positive. The war in Ukraine will end with the creation of a newly fortified border. It will end before 2025. That is when the third phase of the world war will begin—the invasion of Taiwan and the collapse of globalisation and world free trade.


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