Two nymphs

Por admin, 9 Agosto, 2022
Two nymphs

∞ Greetings, beautiful maidens, could you tell me what you are both called
∞ I am called Eva and this is Lilith, my older sister
∞ Forgive my curiosity, why is Eva dressed and Lilith half naked
∞ Women are women, both dressed and naked
∞ That's right. I said a micro machismo
∞ Is that all you see in us
∞ I see the source that separates you
∞ It's the source that unites us. Water is the source of life, just like women
∞ I am ignorant, I admit it. Now that I have the chance, I would like to ask you a question. What do I have to do to find a girlfriend
∞ You have to go out more
∞ But I go out with my friends
∞ You have to show up in the life of a woman looking for a boyfriend,∞ And that's it, just like that
∞ No, you have to make her laugh, listen to her and support her,∞ It's not easy
∞ It's not, especially because she will always be the one who decides,∞ Let me get this straight. To find a girlfriend, I have to go out more, make a woman laugh, give her compliments, listen to her problems and give her support
∞ Yeah
∞ Fair enough
∞ What a laziness
∞ That's why you don't have a girlfriend. Go back to where you started. Go out more and make a woman laugh


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