The sower

Por admin, 9 Agosto, 2022
The sower

∞ Sowing, working and tending the field for months. And then reap the fruits of what you have sown
∞ You will be proud of your effort
∞ I am, tired but satisfied
∞ I used to be like you until I discovered that the fruit of my work is taken by others
∞ Make no mistake. If you sow and take care of what you plant. Working the land yourself. If someone steals it from you, bad luck. That doesn't mean you can't be proud of your work. Don't worry about whoever stole from you. Thieves have short lives
∞ That's not true. Some thieves live for many years. Especially those who steal other people's work
∞ No evil lasts a hundred years
∞ Thank you. I have learned something from you. You can be proud of your work, even if someone else takes the credit for you
∞ The truth always comes out, even if 1000 years go by.

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